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HDSI Capstone Project Wins UCSD Library Research Prize

  • By HDSIComm
  • May 16, 2024

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI) 2024 capstone project “Enhancing Historical Understanding with Retrieval Augmented Generation” won the Best Project Highlighting Resources from the Data & GIS Lab in the 2024 UC San Diego Undergraduate Library Research Prize competition. The HDSI Capstone Program stands out as it mandates all graduating students to undertake a research project with a faculty or industry mentor over two quarters. It allows the students a unique opportunity to spend a year working closely with a professor in a small setting, providing more than just knowledge; it offers inspiration by fostering a connection with a human being.

Mentored by HDSI Lecturer, Colin Jemmot, students Saachi Shenoy and Anusha Nandula were nominated for this award due to their innovative use of extensive data from UCSD’s data archive. Their project, which aims to enhance historical understanding through advanced retrieval and generation techniques, stood out for its thorough research and impactful results. The students worked closely with the Data Science Librarian throughout their research, ensuring a robust and well-supported study.

The Undergraduate Library Research Prize (ULRP) is awarded to students who demonstrate a strategic and effective use of the UC San Diego Library as a resource in direct support of research undertaken on campus. The prize celebrates outstanding research projects that highlight the extensive resources available through the library, from special collections and archives to data and GIS labs.

For more information about the Undergraduate Library Research Prize competition, please visit here.