Engage, interact, and partner with 200 affiliated faculty across campus. Accelerate your company’s research by sponsoring faculty or student research and bring your own dataset and data science problems to HDSI.


Industry Sponsored Research Scholarship Program

The Halıcıoğlu Data Science Industry Sponsored Research Scholarship Program offers a unique opportunity for UC San Diego Data Science undergraduates to work closely with an industry partner and UC San Diego faculty on high-level research projects, using actual datasets and addressing a real industry data science problem. 

By connecting with these real-world projects, students are able to use what they are learning in the classroom to explore new possibilities with data, ultimately broadening their educational experience, enriching their student success and preparing them for what it will be like to work in the field as a Data Scientist. Furthermore, these projects provide an excellent opportunity for relationship building between industry and our data science undergraduates, potentially leading to an internship and/or full-time employment opportunities.

The scholarships will provide opportunities for the students to work closely with a mentor to develop analytical skills, develop data science portfolios, and foster novel data-driven approaches to problem solving.


Sponsored Graduate Research

One graduate student with faculty supervision for 1 year 

Enables industry to leverage expertise of world class faculty and UC San Diego graduate Students to engage in targeted data science research efforts 


Capstone Projects (IPA Members Only)

Capstone Projects is a two course sequence for all senior level Data Science majors. In these courses students investigate a topic and design a system to produce statistically informed output in order to produce a research summary and project proposal as well as implement the project while studying the best practices for evaluations. These courses provide an opportunity for students to be hands-on and team-oriented and enable them to dive into specific domain applications of data science with the support of a domain expert.