General Transfer Information

Prospective transfer students are strongly encouraged to review the Admissions Transfer webpage for all information about transferring to UC San Diego.

Please be advised that the Data Science major is a Capped Major. The Data Science major requires a minimum of 8 quarters to complete for transfer students and acceptance into the major is not guaranteed. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that transfer students who are interested in applying to the Data Science major discuss their interest with their College Advisor and a Data Science Department Advisor.

Course Transfer Information

If you are coming from a California Community College, visit to find out how other Data Science major requirements might transfer to UC San Diego. More information about the Data Science major curriculum is available through the Academic Catalog.

If you are coming from a 4-year, private, or out-of-state institution, you will need to submit a petition for course equivalency once you submit your SIR to UC San Diego and courses have been posted to your Academic History.

Transfer Major Preparation Coursework

Data Science is a Capped Major. Therefore, students planning to transfer must complete the minimum major preparation coursework to be considered for admission into the major. Beginning in Fall 2021, applicants for Data Science will be screened for the number of preparatory coursework completed, the grades earned in that coursework, and the cumulative GPA.

Students attending a California Community College or University should visit to find a complete listing of major preparation and transferable courses at your college. Please note that the courses listed in are for preparation for your major. The courses used in the screening requirements for admission into the Data Science major are the courses listed below:

  1. MATH 18: Linear Algebra
  2. MATH 20A: Calculus I – for Science and Engineering
  3. MATH 20B: Calculus II – for Science and Engineering
  4. MATH 20C: Calculus and Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering
  5. Minimum of 1 programming course in Java, C, C++, or Python. For colleges with ASSIST articulation agreements, the minimum will be CSE 8A, CSE 8B, or CSE 11.

Additionally, please review the transfer criteria for Capped Majors below.

Transfer Criteria for Capped Majors:

  • Students must have ALL Transfer Major Preparation Coursework completed to be eligible to be accepted into a Capped Major as a transfer. See the section above for Transfer Major Preparation Coursework.
  • Please note, the Admissions Office is unable to evaluate the transferability of courses prior to the admissions process. Therefore, a student may believe they met all screening course requirements, but if such courses are not deemed transferable when their application is reviewed, 1 of the following will occur:
    • If they have not listed an alternative major, they will not be accepted to UC San Diego.
    • If they have listed an alternative major, they will be considered for that major.

Students are strongly encouraged to list an uncapped major as an alternative major.