General Information

IMPORTANT: Course offerings are tentative and subject to change and/or cancellation. Please continue to consult the Schedule of Classes each quarter for the most updated information. You can check when the Schedule of Classes becomes available here

DSC 10Principles of Data ScienceTiefenbruck, JanineWinter 2024
DSC 20Programming and Basic Data Structures for Data ScienceLanglois, MarinaWinter 2024
DSC 30Data Structures and Algorithms for Data ScienceLanglois, MarinaWinter 2024
DSC 40ATheoretical Foundations of Data Science ILi, AoboWinter 2024
DSC 40BTheoretical Foundations of Data Science IISTAFFWinter 2024
DSC 80The Practice and Application of Data ScienceRampure, SurajWinter 2024
DSC 95 (Tutors Only)Tutor Apprenticeship in Data ScienceJemmott, ColinWinter 2024
DSC 96Workshop in Data ScienceSTAFFWinter 2024
DSC 100Introduction to Data ManagementShannon, KyleWinter 2024
DSC 102Systems for Scalable AnalyticsSTAFFWinter 2024
DSC 106Introduction to Data VisualizationLau, SamuelWinter 2024
DSC 140AProbabilistic Modeling and Machine LearningEldridge, JustinWinter 2024
DSC 140BRepresentation LearningHu, ZhitingWinter 2024
DSC 148Introduction to Data MiningShang, JingboWinter 2024
DSC 155Hidden Data in Random MatricesDumitriu, IoanaWinter 2024
DSC 161Text as DataRoberts, MargaretWinter 2024
DSC 170Spatial Data Science and ApplicationsSTAFFWinter 2024
DSC 180B (Majors Only)Data Science Project IIRampure, SurajWinter 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

When are DSC core courses typically offered? (Note: schedules are subject to change.)

  • Lower-division DSC courses: typically each quarter
  • DSC 100: typically Fall & Winter
  • DSC 102/106: typically Winter & Spring
  • DSC 140A: typically Winter
  • DSC 140B: typically Spring
  • DSC 148: typically Winter
  • DSC 180A: Fall only
  • DSC 180B: Winter only
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  • Please note that all course offerings are tentative and subject to change

What summer courses will be available?

Summer course schedules will be posted during the Spring quarter on the Schedule of Classes page on the UCSD Summer Session website.

Summer course offerings are tentative as they will depend on the instructor (may vary each year) and the course will only be offered if there is sufficient enrollment in the course. If a summer course has low enrollment, the course is canceled per University policy. Please review all other information on the website above as Summer varies the most compared to all other academic quarters.