HDSI welcomes domestic and international scholars and scientists to participate in data science research activities and educational programs.

Requirements & Application Process

The visiting scholar is required to have a faculty sponsor and must secure this sponsor before official review of the request. The faculty member’s agreement to serve as a sponsor does not imply financial responsibility. The faculty sponsor must hold an appointment with HDSI.

It is the responsibility of the visiting scholar to identify, contact (i.e. email or written letter) & secure the affiliated HDSI faculty sponsor.

The visiting scholar should have been awarded a doctoral degree (PhD or MD) before the commencement of the visiting scholarship. Exceptions may be granted for visitors from industry.

Once the visiting scholar request has been approved by the department, the applicant should submit a current CV, the research proposal/project that was approved by the faculty sponsor and proof of funding (on letterhead and signed and submitted in word or PDF). The department does offer financial assistance to visiting scholars during their stay on an exception basis.


Effective July 2022, the UC San Diego campus is implementing a fee of $579 for each J-1 visa request. Scholars are encouraged to view the UC San Diego International Center website for J-1 visas if they have questions about the process. Scholars who are approved to hold an appointment with our School will be expected to pay all fees upon their arrival.


Visiting Scholars are ineligible for compensation through UC San Diego.

  • Visiting Scholars are self-supported or receive funds directly from external sources.
  • If Scholar is engaged in service or work that warrants compensation, they should be appointed into an appropriate paid title.
  • Visiting Scholars may not receive payments in the form of stipends or subsistence in lieu of salary.
  • Visiting Scholars do not have a payroll title code (but should be entered into UC Path as a Contingent Worker for tracking purposes).
  • Visiting Scholars may receive payment, by exception, for certain travel and/or living allowances or health insurance reimbursements. Please access the Approval Guidelines for Payments to Visiting Scholars drawer on this site.


To properly apply, the faculty sponsor will be required to submit the written request to the department on behalf of the applying visiting scholar. The request must include a qualifying statement of support and willingness to serve as sponsor. Example of a qualifying statement: “I, Professor (first name, last name), agree to serve as the faculty sponsor for (first name, last name) for the period of (month day, year) – (month, day, year).”


Domestic visitors not requiring a visa: 4 months prior to intended visit

International visitors requiring a J-1 visa: 6 months prior to intended visit