Tentative Course Offerings

Winter 2024 – Spring 2024



The following course offerings are TENTATIVE subject to change and/or cancellation. Please consult the official Schedule of Classes on TritonLink each quarter for the most up-to-date information.

CourseTitleQuarter OfferedComp Exam Eligible
DSC 211Introduction to OptimizationWinter 2024No
DSC 212Probability and Statistics for Data ScienceWinter 2024No
DSC 206Algorithms for Data ScienceWinter 2024Yes
DSC 204AScalable Data SystemsWinter 2024Yes
DSC 260Data Ethics and FairnessWinter 2024No
DSC 241Statistical ModelsWinter 2024Yes
DSC 261Responsible Data ScienceWinter 2024No
DSC215Statistical Thinking and Experimental DesignWinter 2024No
DSC 291Partial Differential Equations and Machine LearningWinter 2024No
DSC 291Data Science in BiomedicineWinter 2024No
DSC 291Machine Learning with Few LabelsWinter 2024No
DSC291Mobile and Ubiquitous ComputingWinter 2024No
DSC 204AScalable Data SystemsSpring 2024Yes
DSC 204BBig Data Analytics and Data SystemsSpring 2024Yes
DSC 240Machine LearningSpring 2024Yes
DSC 243Continuous OptimizationSpring 2024Yes
DSC 245Intro to Causal InferenceSpring 2024Yes
DSC 231Embedded Sensing and IOT Data Models and MethodsSpring 2024No
DSC 253Advanced Data-Driven Text MiningSpring 2024No
DSC 291Mathematical Aspects of Deep LearningSpring 2024No
DSC 291Trustworthy Machine LearningSpring 2024No
DSC 291Introduction to statistical and population geneticsSpring 2024No
DSC 291Machine Learning SystemsSpring 2024No