Rotation Training Program

Research rotations provide the opportunity for first-year PhD students to obtain research experience in data analysis under the guidance of HDSI faculty members. Through the rotations, students can identify a faculty member under whose sponsorship their dissertation research will be completed.

A research rotation is a guided research experience lasting one quarter (10 weeks) obtained by registering for DSC 294 with an instructor. Ph.D. students will participate in a minimum of 2 research rotations during their first year, with a minimum of two different faculty members, and as many as four rotations including summer quarter. A student may rotate twice under the same faculty members as long as they rotate with at least two faculty members. The goal is to help the student identify and develop their research interests and to expose students to new methodological approaches or domain knowledge that may be outside the scope of their eventual thesis. Research rotations must be completed before the end of the second year with a signed commitment form from a faculty advisor.

Necessary Steps:

  1. Refer to the HDSI Faculty page
  2. Reach out to faculty members to learn more about potential rotation opportunities.
  3. Obtain the faculty members permission to do a rotation.
  4. After you have confirmed with the instructor, please fill out the request below.

Submit Your Rotation Request