General Information

Concurrent Enrollment through UC San Diego Extension provides the opportunity for those who are not registered UC San Diego students to enroll in DSC courses. You must register with UC San Diego Extension to participate in Concurrent Enrollment. UCSD Extension students will request instructor approval to enroll in a course by email. Students should provide documentation and a justification of preparedness for the course in their email request to the instructor. If instructor approval is received, forward the approval email to The department will review Concurrent Enrollment requests beginning on Monday of Week 1.

Concurrent Enrollment approvals will be based on: space availability, waitlist order (e.g., when students turned in the Concurrent Enrollment Add Form), and instructor approval. Concurrent Enrollment is not guaranteed. Although we do our best to accommodate Concurrent Enrollment students, DSC courses are in high demand. It is possible that a Concurrent Enrollment student will not be approved to enroll in any DSC courses.

For more information, please see UC San Diego Extension’s Concurrent Enrollment page here.