CZI Funding Opportunity for Data Science

Data Insights cycle 2

Deadline: Aug 25

Funding: $200,000 for grants that primarily support the effort of one to two full-time employees (FTEs) working on a given project. $400,000 for networked grants that will require the participation of two to four FTEs.

The goal of this opportunity is to create a network of projects that address broad computational challenges and needs within single-cell biology at a variety of scales. Applications are encouraged from computational experts outside the field of single-cell biology but with expertise relevant to overcoming current bottlenecks. Projects may include dedicated efforts to refine existing computational tools, benchmark classes of tools, improve standards, integrate available data that enables greater biological insight, develop new features that support interoperability of data or tools, and other major challenges brought forward. Projects must propose and rely on existing data that is openly and freely available (count matrices at minimum) at the time of application.