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  • May 1, 2023
  • Kaleigh O'Merry

Security and Privacy in an Everchanging System Landscape

Abstract: From AI and IoT to AR/VR and Web 3.0, computer systems are evolving at an unprecedented rate. While this evolution has given rise to exciting applications and opportunities, it has also brought about novel security and privacy challenges within these systems and across their interactions with existing platforms. In this talk, I will discuss how system security researchers can keep up with this everchanging landscape and showcase some of my lab’s recent work on understanding and detecting malicious web bots. I will explore how we can build and roll out research infrastructure to measure web bot activities and later use our newfound understanding to develop practical solutions to counter them. I will highlight how we can apply similar research principles to areas such as AI and IoT. Finally, I will conclude my talk by previewing some of my ongoing work and outlining my research roadmap toward achieving “security at inception” for emerging systems.

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