HDSI Faculty Affiliates & Researchers

HDSI brings together a large number of faculty and researchers across many departments and divisions at UC San Diego with overlapping interests in the discipline of Data Science.

Organized into “clusters” of shared interests and domain knowledge, the list of our researchers provides a snapshot of the breadth and diversity of ongoing research at UC San Diego.

We envision launching new research efforts within the Institute that specifically bring together researchers with complementary skills, for instance, method innovators working with application domain experts, to advance the field of Data Science. While we anticipate teaching activities to be integral to all our research, we have created a focus group on Experiential Education spanning education infrastructure support as well as online education.

To get to know our Faculty, please see our Faculty Page. Our New Faculty for Winter 2021 can be found here.

Faculty who wish to join any of the below clusters are encouraged to email datascience@ucsd.edu.