Tiffany Amariuta

Assistant Professor

PhD: Harvard University Before starting her lab in San Diego, Tiffany earned a B.S. in Biological Engineering at MIT and went on to conduct graduate research as part of the Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics Ph.D. program at Harvard Medical School, where she studied the genetic susceptibility of autoimmune diseases and other polygenic diseases. During graduate school, Tiffany developed machine learning methods to predict the functionality of regulatory variants, which had applications to transcription factor binding prediction, eQTL mapping, heritability enrichment analysis, and trans-ancestry portability of polygenic risk scores. In her postdoctoral training, Tiffany developed a method to infer causal disease cell types from genome-wide association data and gene expression datasets. Dr. Amariuta has a joint appointment with the Department of Medicine. The focus of her group is to develop multi-ancestry genetic prediction methods to enable powerful disease inference for underrepresented populations.