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The Ethical and Policy Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Sanford Consortium

The Institute for Practical Ethics welcomes David Danks as the 2024 keynote speaker.

Danks, a UC San Diego professor in the Department of Philosophy and Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute, is an expert researcher at the intersection of philosophy, cognitive science and machine learning. He serves on multiple boards, including the United States National AI Advisory Committee.

Artificial intelligence is seemingly everywhere today, both in public perception and in our everyday lives. This growth has led to many stories about the widespread harms that can result from AI done poorly. As a result, there are now numerous demands for ‘ethical AI,’ but relatively little understanding of what that might involve.

In this keynote, David Danks will explore the nature of responsible AI, arguing that it involves much more than code or data. He will critically assess current approaches to producing more responsible AI, then suggest key policy and practical approaches that would likely be more effective. It is critical we create more responsible AI, but that will require rethinking many of our current practices in academia, government and industry.