Degree Audit (uAchieve) and Application to Candidacy (APPC or APP to C)

When we want to add approved courses for all students (in other words, update the curriculum), do I contact uAchieve directly to get the courses encoded? If so, can that be done any time or do they only accept updates a few times a year (like the Catalog for example)?

If there is an error in the encoding, the dept should contact the appropriate GEPA Academic Affairs Advisor first so we can update our internal curriculum notes (if needed). The Grad Academic Affairs Advisor will submit a ticket to uAchieve.

If changes are being made to what is in the catalog, then the dept needs to submit a catalog update first; at that point, we would wait for the update to be approved, then we contact uAchieve to make necessary updates.

Is it advisable to run the audit each quarter or only a quarter or so before a student is getting ready to graduate?

The audit only needs to be run when the student is ready to submit the application to candidacy. However, the audit can be run prior to the App to C, especially if course substitution exceptions are being submitted. This avoids having to submit all course substitution exceptions right before the App to C deadline.   However, it can be used as an advising tool for students.  They are encouraged to run the audit quarterly to monitor their progress and ensure they are meeting all requirements.

Are students typically advised to run these audits themselves? Do faculty ever do it or is it considered the sole responsibility of the Grad Coordinator?

It is encouraged for students to run the audit and review it after grades have been posted. If they see any issues, they should reach out to their graduate coordinator to resolve the issue before graduation.  It is not required for faculty to check degree audits, however, they should check that they have access to uAchieve if they want to check them. Graduate Coordinators only have to run the degree audit once the when the student has all coursework for the degree IP/complete  so it can be submitted as an App to C (APPC) .

Do students need to be enrolled full-time, 12 units, for advancement to candidacy?

No, they just need to be registered. However, to fulfill academic residency requirements, a minimum of 6 units is required for 3 quarters.

Does Advancement happen before the thesis defense/comprehensive exam?

Not always, it varies by program. In some programs, the Advancement happens after the defense/comp exam.  Some programs have the students advance prior to the comp exam and continue their coursework. In all cases, the APPC should be submitted by the 3rd Friday of the quarter in which all degree requirements will be completed or IP (finishing that quarter).

What happens if everything is green and blue except the GPA?

This will happen if the GPA is below 3.0 (3.0+ is needed to graduate) – please submit the APPC by the deadline and it will be held until the end of the quarter when all final grades are posted. If the GPA is 3.0+ by the end of the quarter, the APPC will be processed (and backdated to the 3rd Friday deadline). If the GPA is still below 3.0, the student will need to keep registering until the 3.0 is reached; the APPC will be held until that happens. The red “NO” for GPA is the only time we accept an APPC with a red “NO” – and hold it for later processing.

Can the “Dept. Chair” signer also be the Program Director for the MS program in our department?

Yes. Some programs assign Vice Chairs, MS Program Directors, Associate Deans, etc. as the Dept Chair signer. It would be the same person you would enter as the final signer on Final Report forms, for example.

How do I get access to uAchieve training?

Ken Keziah (from the Registrar’s office) offers one-on-one training, and there is also a  general uAchieve training website  and info on our  Collab page.

I have a student who already advanced under a Plan I and now wants to switch, and graduate under a Plan II. Do I need to submit a new APPC for the new Plan?

Yes, please submit an updated Plan II APPC via email; we do not send it to the Registrar because the student has already advanced in the system/records, but we keep it internally for GEPA records.

I want to submit an APPC for a PhD student to receive a master's along the way (or a terminal master's). What do I need to do?

When submitting a master’s degree APPC for a PhD student, always check to see if the student has already earned a master’s degree. (This is true whether it is a master’s along the way or a terminating master’s).  

Does the student have a previous MA or MS degree? 

 NO – Proceed with the APPC submission 

 YES -The previous advanced degree was not from UCSD and  was in a fundamentally different discipline:  

  • Submit an email (with the APPC) from the dept chair or other member of faculty leadership, to confirm approval of the duplicate degree. 
  • The email should state that: 
    • The faculty have reviewed the student’s record and have determined that the second master’s degree is in a fundamentally different disciplinary field.
    • The student’s coursework and/or research represents a different type of training than the training received at UCSD.
    • The faculty approve conferring a duplicate master’s degree. 

 YES The previous duplicate degree was awarded by UCSD or  it was in the same discipline as the degree that the student is currently pursuing:  

  • Submit an exception letter (with the APPC) for review by the Sr. Assoc Dean.  
  • The email should explain: 
    • How the previous degree/coursework/research was different from the degree/coursework/research that the student is currently pursuing.  
    • How the duplicate master’s degree will benefit the student in his/her career. 

 Senate policy: