UC San Diego Data Science Undergraduate Program

Data Science Major

The major consists of 112 units. Alternatively, students can choose to explore the mathematical, statistical, and computational foundations of data science in even greater depth. 

  • 52 lower-division courses
    • Calculus/Linear Algebra (16 units)
    • Data Science Courses (28 units)
    • Subject Domain Courses (8 units)
    • Elective Courses (20 units)
  • 60 upper-division courses (40 units)

All majors will be required to undertake a senior project that will give them an opportunity to creatively synthesize much of what they have learned in the data science courses for addressing problems in chosen domains.

Data Science Minor

This minor is intended for students whose primary area of interest lies outside data science, but who are interested in acquiring competence in methods of data analysis. It requires completion of 56 (fifty-six) units. Data Science minors should expect to develop a similar foundation of skills and knowledge that majors will develop; however, majors will pursue a more in depth development through upper division requirements.