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The field of Data Science spans mathematical models, computational methods, and analysis tools for navigating and understanding data and applying these skills to a broad and emerging range of application domains. A whole range of industries – from drug discovery to healthcare management, from manufacturing to enterprise business processes as well as government organizations – are creating demand for data scientists with a skill set that enables them to create mathematical models of data, identify trends and patterns using suitable algorithms and present the results in effective manners. HDSI provides the following three graduate programs in Data Science: Master of Science in Data Science (MS/DS), Online Master of Data Science, and Doctoral (PhD) programs. See the Data Science Graduate Program Catalog page for more details about each program. Check here for Graduate program requirements and courses!

Master of Science (MS) 

The goal of the masters program is to teach students knowledge and skills required to be successful at performing data driven tasks, and lay the foundation for future researchers who can expand the boundaries of knowledge in Data Science itself. To meet its goals, the Master of Science in Data Science (MS/DS) program consists of two components: formal courses, as well as a terminating thesis or a course-directed comprehensive examination. 

Master of Data Science Online (MDS)

The Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI) in cooperation with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers an online master’s degree in data science to working professionals who are seeking to expand their expertise in data science. The Master of Data Science Online (MDS) program combines concepts from statistics, computer science, and applications where data is at the forefront. In the MDS program, students acquire the ability to: (1) collect raw data from various sources and convert this raw data into a curated form amenable to algorithmic analysis; (2) understand machine learning algorithms and how to run them on large data sets; and (3) interpret the results of these algorithms to answer questions about the data. To learn more about the curriculum, faculty, and admissions requirements, please visit the program website at:


Doctoral (PhD) 

The goal of the doctoral program is to create leaders in the field of Data Science who will lay the foundation and expand the boundaries of knowledge in the field. The doctoral program aims to provide a research-oriented education to students, teaching them knowledge, skills and awareness required to perform data driven research, and enabling them to, using this shared background, carry out research that expands the boundaries of knowledge in Data Science. The doctoral program spans from foundational aspects, including computational methods, machine learning, mathematical models and statistical analysis, to applications in data science. 


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Check here for Graduate program requirements and courses!
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