Impact of Data Science

Data Science touches nearly all areas of research activity across the campus. The following provides examples organized by academic divisions that illustrate how data science is affecting a broad range of disciplines. These are not exhaustive, merely representative of significant changes brought upon by the emergence of Data Science as an area of academic research and practice.

Developing New Algorithms to Analyze Large Data Sets

Mathematicians are developing new algorithms to make the analysis of large data sets feasible. Mathematics Professor Alexander Cloninger developed an algorithm to map the detection of blood diseases.

Helping a Robotic Gripper Identify Objects

Using machine learning and other advanced data science techniques, engineering researchers hope their newly developed gripper will be able to identify the objects it’s manipulating, rather than just model them.

Mining Large Data Sets of Genomic Architecture

The analysis of large data sets reveals surprises within forgotten strands of DNA in a research project headed by Biology Professor Cornelis Murre.

Practical Ethics in Data Science

In collaboration with the Halıcıoğlu Institute, the Institute for Practical Ethics will examine the ethical issues emerging from big data and related scientific tools.

Quantified Surgery

Using big data, sophisticated computer modeling and three-dimensional imaging, physicians will soon be able to personalize a patient’s surgery before he or she ever enters the operating room.

Revolutionizing Large-Scale Analysis of Urbanization

Researchers at the UC San Diego Big Pixel Initiative are using unique tools to map urban areas, potentially revolutionizing the large-scale analysis of urban growth.

Saving Coral Reefs with Big Data

Combining classical field surveys with innovative imaging and data technologies, marine scientists are monitoring coral reefs digitally to see how these populations of organisms now under extreme stress change with time.

Social Media and Democracy

Humans generate massive amounts of text, in print and online. Political Science Professor Margaret “Molly” Roberts examines this text through the lens of big data, giving us insights into ourselves as political animals.

Using Big Data in Financial Decision Making and Risk Management

Professor of Finance Allan Timmermann teaches students the leading-edge methods he employs in his research for analyzing big data for financial decision making and risk management.