Data Science for Scientific Discovery

Data Science for Scientific Discovery (DSSD)

Advancing basic science through the collection, annotation, exploration and synthesis of high-dimensional, multimodal data. This is inclusive of classic scientific experimentation, complemented by the use of large extant datasets, all done under the rigorous process of proper collection, processing, and analysis of data.

Photo of Mikio Aoi

Mikio Aoi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aoi is a computational neuroscientist interested in studying how populations of neurons coordinate their activity to perform computations.…

Photo of Vineet Bafna

Vineet Bafna


Bio coming soon!

Photo of Virginia de Sa

Virginia de Sa

Professor, HDSI Associate Director

Associate Director de Sa is a leader in the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science, engineering, and data science.…

Photo of Gal Mishne

Gal Mishne

Assistant Professor

Mishne’s research is at the intersection of signal processing and machine learning for graph-based modeling, processing and analysis of large-scale high-dimensional real-world data.…

Photo of Armin Schwartzman

Armin Schwartzman


Armin Schwartzman’s research encompasses theoretical and practical aspects of statistical signal and image analysis in a variety of scientific applications.…

Photo of George Sugihara

George Sugihara


Sugihara is a theoretical ecologist who has performed foundational work in the data analysis of complex systems from fisheries to medicine to finance.…

Photo of Yusu Wang

Yusu Wang


Yusu Wang obtained her PhD degree from Duke University in 2004, and from 2004 – 2005, she was a was a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University.…

Photo of Frank Wuerthwein

Frank Wuerthwein


Wuerthwein is the Distributed High-Throughput Computing Lead at San Diego Supercomputer Center and executive director of the Open Science Grid (OSG), a national cyberinfrastructure to advance the sharing of resources, software and knowledge.…

Photo of Rose Yu

Rose Yu

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rose Yu is an Assistant Professor at the UC San Diego, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.…