Data Infrastructure and Systems

Data Infrastructure and Systems

We study principles, techniques, and tools for acquiring, managing, and analyzing large and complex datasets throughout their whole lifecycle. We build and deploy software systems and software-hardware integrated systems to aid data-driven decision making and responsible data science in both the digital and the physical worlds.


Data management

Systems for Machine Learning

Data mining infrastructure

Cloud and Cyberinfrastructure

IoT and Cyberphysical systems

Photo of Ilkay Altintas

Ilkay Altintas

Chief Data Science Officer, HDSI Founding Faculty Fellow


Ilkay Altintas is a Fellow of Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI) as well as San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Chief Data Science Officer.…

Photo of Mikhail Belkin

Mikhail Belkin


Mikhail Belkin received his Ph.D.…

Photo of Henrik Christensen

Henrik Christensen


Henrik Christensen is the director of the UC San Diego Contextual Robotics Institute and a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Jacobs School of Engineering.…

Photo of Rajesh Gupta

Rajesh Gupta

Distinguished Professor, HDSI Founding Director

Professor Gupta’s research interests span topics in embedded and cyber-physical systems with a focus on energy efficiency from algorithms, devices to systems that scale from IC chips, and data centers to built environments such as commercial buildings.…

Photo of Zhiting Hu

Zhiting Hu

Assistant Professor

Zhiting Hu is an Assistant Professor in Halicioglu Data Science Institute at UC San Diego.…

Photo of Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

Assistant Professor, HDSI Faculty Fellow

Kumar is a member of the Database Lab and Center for Networked Systems and an affiliate member of the AI Group, specializing in artificial intelligence.…

Photo of Babak Salimi

Babak Salimi

Assistant Professor

Babak Salimi is an assistant professor in HDSI at UC San Diego.…

Photo of Jingbo Shang

Jingbo Shang

Assistant Professor

Jingbo Shang is an Assistant Professor in CSE and HDSI at UC San Diego.…

Photo of Frank Wuerthwein

Frank Wuerthwein


Wuerthwein is the Distributed High-Throughput Computing Lead at San Diego Supercomputer Center and executive director of the Open Science Grid (OSG), a national cyberinfrastructure to advance the sharing of resources, software and knowledge.…