Education, Training and Curricula Design

The goal of Education cluster is to enable training of students in methods and tools of Data Science regardless of their majors or degree program. We seek to enhance skills of our graduates in experimental design, hypothesis testing and data analysis by offering courses — online and in class — that provide opportunities for significant hands-on learning experience.

Designing Data Science Curriculum: Structure and Organization

The Data Science major servers as a platform for creating new courses especially in the upper-division that can be part of elective courses in Data Science major as well as in the Data Science minors.

Data-Enabled Learning Methods: Online Learning, Innovations in Learning Methods

Learning skills requires deliberate practice with constructive feedback, but the design, evaluation, and feedback for such training problems imposes a bottleneck on the scalability of online learning. Fortunately, modern data science tools and methods may offer a window for training machines to procedurally generate problems, to provide useful feedback, and to learn the dependency structure between concepts to automatically construct learner-specific scaffolded instruction sequences.