Spring Evaluation Requirements

Spring Evaluation Requirements


The Spring Evaluation is a requirement set by Graduate Council and overseen by GEPA. The evaluation serves as documentation of the student’s progress in the graduate program. They serve as an important tool for students and their faculty advisors in assessing student progress and by providing suggestions for the students’ successful completion of the program. Graduate Council policy states: “This evaluation will indicate: the degree to which students are, over-all, progressing satisfactorily in their studies; their strengths and weaknesses as students and, where applicable, as teaching and/or research assistants. These evaluations should contain cogent and clear advice to students.”

All doctoral students are required to complete an evaluation by the end of each Spring quarter.

Both faculty and the student are required to provide input on and sign (via SSO) the evaluation.

For students who have not advanced to candidacy, 2 signatures are required: 1) the student’s advisor or faculty designate (chair/vice chair/director of graduate studies); 2) the student.

For students who have advanced to candidacy, 5 signatures are required: 1) the student’s advisor; 2) a committee member; 3) another committee member; 4) the department chair/vice chair; 5) the student.

It is strongly recommended to complete an evaluation to document the student’s status and plans. 

This depends on when the leave of absence starts and ends. 

  • If the leave is for the entire academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring), no evaluation is required. 
  • If the leave is for Spring only, an evaluation is due at the end of Fall. A hold will be placed on the student’s registration in November to prevent Winter enrollment.  (*Note: if the leave is extended through Fall no evaluation is required)

Please contact the Graduate Academic Affairs for any other specific scenarios.

  • A student who has advanced to candidacy in Winter, Spring, or prior to the first day of Fall quarter instruction is exempt. 
  • A student on a leave of absence in Spring quarter will need to submit an evaluation by the end of Fall quarter.
  • A student on a leave of absence in Spring quarter and the following Fall quarter will be exempt.

It is strongly recommended to complete an evaluation to document the progress and expectations. This is particularly important if and when the plans change.

If you have an evaluation that has been returned because it is missing the department/program chair’s signature, see below for the steps needed to route the evaluation back to the chair.

  1. Make sure the “Sign” box is checked in the Department Chair section
  2. In the Evaluation Status section at the bottom, click on the “Route to Eval Committee” box
  3. Click “Save Form” button
  4. Click on the “Route to Student” box
  5. Click “Save Form” button

Since the student has already signed, the evaluation will automatically route to the chair’s queue.