Caesar Aceituno

Graduate Financial Assistant

HDSI 110B | Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm | Onsite: M, Tu, Th | Remote: W, F

Responsible for graduate financial support (payroll/stipends), administration of Instructional Apprenticeship Program (TA/IA).

Back up: Julia Nemeth

Caesar received his BA in Sociology with a Specialization in Social Inequalities at UCSD (Class of 2021) and has been working with UCSD most recently as part of the Housing, Dining, Hospitality (HDH) unit of campus and has previous experience in both the Triton Transfer Hub and CREATE. He aims to support our UCSD community and has previously already helped manage research reviewing student retention and Latinx student experiences.
In his role as Graduate Finance Assistant, Caesar will be responsible for coordinating financial matters on behalf of our graduate students in relation to funding, billing, employment, auditing, and reconciliations.