Participate in Remote Meeting Software Research @ UCSD

We are a group of researchers at the Creativity Lab, part of the Design Lab and Cognitive Science Department at UCSD. We are looking for pairs of participants for a research study to help us test a new web-based meeting tool that we are developing.

Basically, we’re hoping you can bring a friend with you when you sign up to participate! You and the person you bring along can be work colleagues, fellow students, or personal friends. You do not need to have experience being in a remote meeting together. You will only need to submit one form for you and your friend.

Studies will be run from Thursday, September 8 to Sunday, September 11 remotely. The total time for the research study will be 75 minutes. You will both need to have a desktop computer, microphone, camera, and an external display to participate in the study. You must also both be native speakers of English to participate.

Participants will receive a $30 Amazon gift card after completion of the study.

If interested, please click on this link to a Google Forms questionnaire, answer a few questions, and tell us about the times you and your friend are available.


Tony Wang (