Looking for Mentors for the HDSI Undergrad Scholarship Program

We are looking for mentors for the HDSI Undergrad Scholarship Program. This is a fantastic opportunity for students from many different majors across campus to design and carry out their own research projects. For the 2022-23 academic year, we have 9 projects that we would like to support, but are in need of a mentor.
Mentors receive $500 in research funds. Mentor duties are relatively flexible and lightweight, which are listed at the bottom of this info page. Mentors can be faculty, research staff, postdocs, grad students, or anyone with the expertise to mentor the project. The projects needing mentors are:
  • Applications of Neural Networks for Civil Design and Resource Management
  • ParkSmart: A robust and cost-effective computer-vision based solution to parking lot management
  • Resolving Major City Traffic Using Automated Train Route Optimization
  • Rough Rice Prediction (predicting price of rice)
  • SpamBack: Spam detection for social media
  • Fixing Form: Using pose estimation to minimize injury from the big three movements
  • House Price Prediction in Python Using Machine Learning
  • Race and Recidivism: Can Racial Bias Be Removed From Criminal Justice Risk Assessment Tools?
  • How to prevent people from over-spending using a machine learning model
If you or anyone you know is interested in mentoring one or more of these projects, please look at this spreadsheet, which contains contact info for the students and a description of their proposed project. Note that these proposals are not final — you may have recommendations about scoping, feasibility, methods, data sources, etc. If you are interested, please contact the students directly if you would like to talk with them more. If you agree to mentor a project and they accept, please put your name in the mentor column of the spreadsheet and e-mail me directly.
HDSI Undergrad Scholar
2019 HDSI Undergrad Scholar
R. Stuart Geiger, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Dept of Communication and the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute
Affiliate Faculty, Institute for Practical Ethics, Computer Science & Engineering, and Computational Social Science

University of California, San Diego
http://stuartgeiger.com | he/him or they/their