Jingbo Shang, Runner-Up ACM SIGKDD Dissertation Award

Man in black suit in front of a pure white backgroundHDSI faculty member Jingbo Shang, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of California at San Diego, earned the runner-up ACM SIGKDD Dissertation Award for his thesis, “Constructing and Mining Heterogeneous Information Networks From Massive Text.”

The ACM SIGKDD Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding work done by graduate students in the areas of data science, machine learning and data mining.  “Since the inception of the conference 26 years ago, research conducted by the SIGKDD community and presented at KDD conferences has made a lasting impact in academia and industry and the lives of billions of global citizens,” said Dr. Jian Pei, chair of ACM SIGKDD and professor of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. “The outstanding scientists honored today are recognized not only for their advancements in a specialized field but for their significant contributions to the world.”