What is the HDSI Industry Partner Alliance Program?

Leveraging data is essential to high-performing companies and organizations. Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute’s Industry Partner Alliance seeks to create a crucial two-way channel between industry and academia to foster a  full ecosystem of data science education and research.

The Industry Partners Alliance will work with your organization to identify specific goals and serve as your connection to all data science-related activities at UC San Diego. Review our brochure here.

Why join IPA?

Key benefits of IPA memberships include:

Research and Innovation

Accelerate your company’s research by sponsoring faculty or student research. IPA members may also propose topics for undergraduate industry projects.


Access our top students by developing a relationship with them early. With 550+ undergraduate students, UC San Diego has the largest data science major in the country. Your IPA contact will work with you to host targeted recruiting events and also provide you with access to our online data science resume book.

Continued Learning

Participate in executive education workshops, mini-symposia, and intimate industry roundtables. IPA members also receive live online links to our distinguished lecture series.


Contribute to the development of new curriculum and education initiatives. Have your company listed as a supporter on the HDSI website, and use the HDSI logo in your company’s materials. Opportunities to nominate visiting industry fellows and to join our Industry Member Advisory Board (Founding Industry Partners only).

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Contact our Industry Relations Manager
Erik Mjoen - emjoen@ucsd.edu - 858-246-5675