HDSI opens scholarship call to UC San Diego undergraduates

HDSI Undergrad Scholar

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI) is currently accepting applications for it’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship program. Launched last year, the scholarship program is a year-long funding opportunity for UC San Diego undergraduate students to work on data science research projects of interest. The Undergraduate Program awards $2,500 to each student and is open to all UC San Diego undergraduates who are enrolled in classes. Deadline for applications is November 20th, 2019. Learn more

Last year, HDSI awarded 52 students in 42 data-science-related research projects drawing from 16 curricula across campus.

The complete list includes:


  • A Novel Method to Infer Horizontal Gene Transfer (General Biology)
  • AI-driven 5G (Computer Science)
  • Analyzing Twitter Data of Political Candidates and Government Officials (Data Science)
  • Augmented Reality Technology Enabled Remote Integrated Surgery – ARTEMIS (Computer Science)
  • Big Data Analysis of Episodic Memory and Autism Spectrum Disorder (Human Biology)
  • Communicating with Visual Working Memory: A Novel BCI Method Utilizing the Contralateral Delay Activity (CDA) ERP (Cognitive Science)
  • Connections Between Spiking Activity and LFP Phase Bands in the Avian Brain (Cognitive Science)
  • Database and Workflow Infrastructure for Machine Learning of Molecular Properties from Quantum Mechanical Data (Chemistry)
  • Decoding Working Memory Contents in Auditory Cortex (CSE & Cognitive Science)
  • Deep Learning for Sarcasm Detection (Data Science)
  • Developing Interactive Data Visualization Tools for Large-scale Neural Data Analysis (Probability & Statistics)
  • Devising Methods for Machine Learning Algorithm Transparency and Interpretability (Cognitive Science)
  • ecDNA in the Context of the Global Cancer Landscape (Bioengineering)
  • Engineers for Exploration Aerial LiDAR (Electrical Engineering)
  • Estimation of Microbiome Complexity Through Metagenomic Sequencing and Hybrid Statistical Approach (Bioinformatics)
  • Exploration in Recurrent and Transformer Neural Networks for Text Summarization (DS & CSE)
  • Exploring Intra- and Inter-Individual Variation of Neural Oscillations in Electroencephalography (EEG) (Cognitive Science)
  • Hand-Label Analysis of Bursting (Computer Science)
  • Helping Underserved Communities in America Make Healthy Food Choices (Data Science)
  • Identifying Lipid Mediators of Pluripotency Maintenance and Cardiomyocyte Differentiation (Molecular Biology)
  • Implementation and Analysis of Multivariate Statistical Similarity Test for Scientific Applications (Data Science)
  • Integrative Analysis of Genomic, Transcriptomic, and Clinical Data Across 8 Cancer Types Using a Multimodal Deep Belief Net (Bioengineering)
  • Interpreting Correlations between DNA Methylation Levels and DNA sequences (Computer Science)
  • Interspecies Single Cell Neuronal Analysis through Multi-Omic Data (Cognitive Science)
  • Long-term Video Prediction with Self-supervised Spatiotemporal Learning (Cognitive Science)
  • Mangrove Species Classification Using Machine Learning (Electrical Engineering)
  • Mapping Mangrove Biomass with RGB and Multispectral Drone Imagery (Marine Biology)
  • Maya Archaeology – Tunnel Vision (Computer Science)
  • Multi-Agent optimization in fantasy soccer (Data Science)
  • Multi-Omics Data Integration (Data Science)
  • Pan-Cancer Analysis of the Interaction of Immune-Associated Gene Dysregulation and Etiology-Mediated Changes to the Microbiota (Biochemistry/Cell Biology)
  • Predicting Pitcher Injuries using Sabermetrics and Machine Learning (Data Science)
  • PreStage: Previews and Predictions for Landscape Photographers (Computer Science)
  • Public Information in a Data Driven Society (Computer Science)
  • Sickly Greens: Visualizing Environmental Effects on Plants (Interdisciplinary Computing Arts and Music)
  • Skills to Success Pipeline for Aspiring Data Scientists (Data Science)
  • Smartfin: Increasing the Spatial Density of Oceanographic Measurements (Computer Science)
  • Spectrogram Inversion with Deep Learning Approach (CSE & Mathematics)
  • The Importance of Political Rhetoric (Data Science)
  • Time-varying Latent Variable Estimation + Posterior distribution prediction (Cognitive Science)
  • TurboRent – A Customizable Housing Recommendation System (Statistics & Data Science)
  • Using Ultra Wideband Technology to Improve Field and Experimental Tracking Methods (Cognitive Science)