HDSI Industry Fellows

HDSI Industry Fellows Program

The goal of the Industry Fellows Program is to attract leading practitioners of Data Science from the industry, known for their engagement with the Institute’s activities related to organizing company visits, seminars, engaging with the Data Science students and research community, and for mentoring our students for various projects. Of these, the latter is perhaps the most important component that contributes to the training of our graduates in the emerging areas of Data Science.

Current HDSI Industry Fellows

Photo of Bijan Arbab
Bijan Arbab
Industry Fellow Intel

Bijan Arbab is the Director of Telemetry and Data Science at Intel Corporation. As an Industry Fellow Dr. Arbab is making impactful contributions to HDSI and the data science community at UC San Diego. In addition to enabling a significant data sharing agreement between Intel and the University that has become the foundation for successful collaborations between faculty and industry practitioners, he is also actively engaged in the mentorship of our data science students through the senior capstone program and undergraduate research projects.

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Photo of Ray Major
Ray Major
Industry Fellow SANDAG

Ray Major serves as a Chief Analytics Officer for San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and is currently leading efforts within SANDAG to become more data-driven and using data information to support decision-making and future planning efforts. During his 2-year term as an Industry Fellow, Major’s role will be important in forging important connections between the institute and data science-related industry in the goal of strengthening the data science ecosystem within San Diego.

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Photo of Keith Muller
Keith Muller
Industry Fellow UC San Diego & Teradata

Dr. Keith Muller is an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. He is recently retired from Teradata where he served as a Senior Fellow and CTO and has worked on finding data sets and problems for HDSI undergraduate students that are representative of what they will encounter in industry and offer a rich breadth of opportunity to experience the practice of creativity in data science.

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Past HDSI Industry Fellows

Photo of Dean Lee
Dean Lee
Industry Fellow NIWC Pacific

Dean Lee’s research is focused on finding and bounding the limitations of such datasets and whether they are sufficient for machine learning algorithms in their current state, and if not, defining a set of conditions so that data generated in future platforms can be used to extract actionable insights.

Photo of Matthew Levy
Matthew Levy
Industry Fellow NIWC Pacific

Dr. Levy’s goal is helping find answers for projects fulfilling the needs of the U.S. Navy and learning more about the latest data science tools to bring back to NIWC. Since starting in Spring 2019, he’s been working on problems within the cybersecurity domain specifically analyzing how hackers behave in cyberspace, what they do when faced with deception and deterrent mechanisms, and the efficacy of the deception mechanisms themselves.