HDSI awards 27 scholarships to undergraduate researchers


Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute at University of California San Diego has announced its second annual undergraduate research scholarships. HDSI has awarded to 27 students funding 20 projects, drawing from XX majors across campus. The Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program awards $2,500 to each student project, all of them guided by experienced mentors. The yearlong fellowships focus on providing hands-on training to emerging data science talent.

All UC San Diego undergraduate students enrolled full-time are eligible to apply for research funding. Each researcher works with a mentor to develop analytical skills, data science portfolios, and foster novel data-driven approaches to problem solving. The research program is geared to producing results, with students submitting final reports highlighting accomplishments. Learn more about the HDSI Undergraduate Scholarship program.

Projects and awardees:


Students’ gender biases toward professors

Catherine Eng, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience


Single-cell transcriptomics and web mining for rapid reverse genetics in plants

Kian Faizi, Molecular Biology


Vista: An end-to-end declarative transfer learning system for multimodal analytics with deep neural networks

Advitya Gemawat, Data Science


Quantifying the effect of redlining policies on racial segregation in America’s urban centers

Arunav Gupta, Data Science


Quantifying tennis player performance

Karthik Guruvayurappan, Data Science

Eric Jiang, Data Science

Shweta Kumar, Data Science


Mangrove mapping, image segmentation, and classification

Stanley Hicks, Electrical Engineering

Arden Ma, Electrical Engineering

Katherine Qi, Marine Biology


Using machine learning for diagnosis in oculofacial plastic surgery

Zhaoyi Hou, Data Science


Predicting the outcome of an NFL play using pursuit curve features

Justin Kang, Data Science

Shone Patil, Data Science


A supervised machine learning approach to predicting mild cognitive impairment (MCI) among diverse Latinos

Alexandra Keamy, Data Science


Building an inference model to classify Chinese computational propaganda bots

Nicole Lee, Data Science

Nikolas Racelis-Russell, Data Science


Effects of battle and journey metaphors on charitable donations for cancer patients

Alex Liebscher, Cognitive Science


Weather forecasting using hybrid model

Xiang Lu, Applied Mathematics


Reassessment of P2P credit risk modeling with macroeconomic factors

Samson Qian, Data Science


Video games and player retention

Sasami Scott, Data Science


How do humans convey what they perceive and know about objects in visual form?

Justin Yang, Cognitive Science and Math – Computer Science


Using geographic data and social media to predict the potential health problems

Shuyi Judy Yang, Data Science


Identifying biomarkers in recurrent Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH) patients

Eric Yu, Data Science


How does visual context influence sketched representations of faces?

Julia Xu, Cognitive Science – Machine Learning and Neural Computation


ASL (American Sign Language) signs recognition

Xinrui Zhan, Data Science


3D Wireframe Detection

Haoming Zhang, Data Science