Mission Statement

The Data Science Student Representatives Program aims to provide a platform for determined and motivated students to engage with UCSD’s Data Science community in hopes to heighten the student experience in the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute. Our mission is to serve our student population in a collaborative and integrated way through student-oriented events and community opportunities, and providing students a voice with their instructors so that their needs are served to better their educational experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

Student representatives help organize events to engage with the Data Science community, including faculty and students. They act as program ambassadors for the Data Science department.

Student representatives also act as course evaluators to help showcase student opinion in multiple DSC courses. They administer a “mid-quarter” anonymous course and curriculum survey, and compile student feedback from that survey. The gathered feedback is provided to instructors as well as the department chairs/committee in order to voice their fellow student’s opinions and constructive feedback on the current Data Science curriculum.

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2023-2024 Student Representatives