CSE 132C Industry Guest Lecture by Drew Banin


Counting things: it’s harder than you think


Modern organizations leverage machine learning, data science, and AI to build predictive, responsive, and personalized applications. BUT! Most are bad at counting things. That’s where dbt comes in. dbt is an open source framework used to define, test, and document datasets. In this talk, we will discuss the what, why, and how behind dbt and data warehousing in the year 2022.

Speaker Bio: 

Drew Banin is the co-founder and former Chief Product Officer at dbt Labs, a Philadelphia startup pioneering the practice of modern analytics engineering. dbt is used by over 9,000 companies every week to organize, catalog, and distill knowledge in their data warehouses. Drew works with open source maintainers, contributors, and users to build dbt and strike fear in the hearts of database optimizers.

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