Congratulations to Vineet Bafna on the Test of Time Award!

Professor Vineet Bafna, holder of HDSI Chancellor’s Endowed Chair, who — in his words — leads “a small Bioinformatics lab with a focus on algorithmic problems arising in Genomics and Proteomics” has received European Symposia on Algorithms’ Test of Time Award for his 2001 paper that solved genomic assembly through new algorithms and graph modeling. Test of Time Awards are among the most prestigious awards in Computer Science as they reflect on the impact of work done decades ago.
“This paper contributed to foundational work of understanding emerging problems in genetics through the computational lens. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most frequent form of human genetic variation. They are of fundamental importance in medical diagnostic, drug design, and are a fingerprint of disease genes. This work studied problems related to computational SNPs validation based on genome assemblies of diploid organisms (those with two copies of each chromosome) and presented both hardness results and efficient algorithms, using graph modeling.” 
As someone who has paid for and subscribed to two generations of 23andme tests, for three generations of the Gupta family, I certainly look forward to better results that may someday find use in practice.
Here is a note from his colleague, Pavel Pevzner, who explains his work. Congratulations, Professor Bafna! We are all very proud of your work and its impact!
— Director, Halicioglu Data Science Institute

Statement of Solidarity with the People of Iran

The events in Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini have been deeply disturbing and added to the concerns for the safety and security of family and friends in Iran. We stand with the voices calling for freedom of intellect and thought and demand the most basic rights. We reiterate the message by Chancellor Khosla and are committed to upholding fundamental human rights. We stand in solidarity against the use of violence, repression, and discrimination. 

We are also concerned about the welfare of our community members who are affected by these events. If you are experiencing feelings of grief and anxiety, we encourage you to seek assistance UC San Diego offers for Students via CAPS, and for Faculty and Staff via Faculty and Staff Assistance Program


Rajesh K. Gupta

Director, HDSI

Resources and Support for Those Impacted by Unrest in Iran

In recent weeks, Iran has experienced widespread unrest in cities throughout the country, where protests have erupted following the death of Mahsa Amini. We are deeply saddened by the death of Ms. Amini and the deaths of protesters inside Iran.

UC San Diego is committed to upholding fundamental human rights. We stand in solidarity against the use of violence, repression and discrimination. Our thoughts are with those impacted and with our community members who have connections to the region and who are worried about their families and loved ones.