Siddharth Saha

HDSI Student Rep Siddharth Saha Headshot

Class of 2022

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Why did you choose Data Science? I have always loved solving riddles and puzzles. The ability to look at a problem and gain an insight or intuition into it is something I have always loved doing. Data Science allows me to do exactly that. It allows me to take a look at data to try figuring out underlying patterns that motivate the data itself. But it doesn't stop there. Through those patterns you are able to create a story about how that pattern you unveiled could be used in the real world to solve actual problems or speed up existing processes. Also Data science, unlike most other fields, often allows us to include other domains of interest. In fact, it's these domains of interest that allow you to see how the pattern you discovered could be useful in the real world. This joining power is one of my favorite parts of data science.

Advising Focus Areas: Course recommendations/experiences/tips to prepare, research, academic resources, resume building