Shin Ehara

HDSI Student Rep Shin Ehara Headshot

Class of 2021

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Why did you choose Data Science?: I’d never heard of data science before UCSD. When I graduated high school, I was interested in a variety of fields and was not sure what I wanted to concentrate on in college. My academic interest was so broad that I had no clue what would be the best discipline for me to invest my four years of higher education. (Other majors that I was interested in include anthropology, sociology, physics, and neuroscience.)

One day during the move-in week, an upperclass friend told me about the newly-established data science program. I got curious and did a little search when I got back to my room. I read a few online articles about data science and found out that data science is a toolbox that is demanded by almost any academic field or professional industry. This grabbed my attention. I thought, if I will have learned data science, I will be able to go into whatever field that I'll want to go in the future. At the time, the flexibility of data science appealed to me as a chance to postpone my decision to choose a specific discipline of my focus. The fact that data science is applicable to pretty much anything in modern society was quite a selling point to me. A few days later, I declared my major. (It wasn’t capped at the time.)

Today, I’m extremely happy with my decision. Not only that the program guided me through to equip myself with practical data science skills, but it also helped me to open many doors that wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise. I’ve been able to gain study abroad, internship, and research experiences all thanks to my data science assets.

Focus Area: Study abroad, Research