Petition Instructions

Domain of Interest Petition Instructions

The “Domain of Interest” (DOI) petition option allows students to receive major elective credit for courses that will help build familiarity with an application area of Data Science. To be eligible, courses do not need to be related to Data Science, and also do not need to be “technical” courses. They should, however, provide students with skills or domain context that students do not already build through core major requirements.

In order for a course to count as a Data Science upper division Domain of Interest (DOI) elective course, students must submit a petition for this course to be approved. As a reminder, students can only petition up to 8 units of upper division courses related to their “domain” to apply towards their elective requirements. Please follow the instructions below in order to submit a petition: 

  • Submit a pre-approval or course substitution petition through the Online Petition System (please submit individual petitions for each course).
  • Include a course description, an explanation of how the course is related to your domain of interest and, if available, a course syllabus.
  • Please note that petitions can take up to 3-4 weeks to process.

Major and Minor Petition Overlap

As a reminder, students may overlap up to 8 upper division units between a major and a minor. Data Science majors with a minor can choose to overlap courses included within our curriculum, or they can petition for up to 8 units of upper division courses not included within our curriculum to apply towards their requirements as “Domain Electives”. If students choose to overlap courses from their minor that are not included within our DSC curriculum, they will need to submit a petition(s) for each individual course. Please be advised petitions cannot be guaranteed approval, therefore, we recommend submitting your petition(s) as soon as possible. We have included the steps for this petition process above.

Double Major Petition Instructions

Please refer to the “How to Declare a Double Major” page of your TritonLink for more information on this process and to access the necessary documents. To reiterate, students must receive approval from both departments before submitting their materials (Double Major Petition, Academic Planning Worksheet, and Statement of Purpose) to their college for final approval.  

If you are a student who is currently in our major:

To receive approval from DSC Student Affairs, please email us through attaching your completed Double Major Petition and your Academic Planning Worksheet. If you need support with completing these documents, please email us and state that you need an appointment time.  

If you are a student who is NOT currently in our major: 

To receive approval from DSC Student Affairs, you must first be accepted into our capped major through a Capped Major Application. More information about our upcoming cycles can be found on the “Capped Major Application” page of our website. If you are accepted into the major you will be encouraged to schedule an appointment with DSC Student Affairs to review your materials. For reference, our advising hours and instructions for requesting an appointment can be found on the “Advising” page of our website. 


You can submit two new petitions to count toward your domain of interest electives. Once the DSC department receives these two new petitions, we will close your other two previously submitted petitions. Additionally, this change will not impact your overall GPA, it will only affect your major GPA. 

Pre-Approval: Use this type of petition for a course you have not yet enrolled in, or are currently enrolled in.

Course Substitution: Use this type of petition if you have already received a grade for the course you wish to substitute. 

To determine whether or not you can overlap a GE course with your major requirements, you will have to contact your college. If you can overlap it, then you will need to submit a petition.

We are unable to tell you the likelihood of your petition being approved as it is dependent upon instructor approval.