OSD Accommodations

Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) Accommodation Information

Updated 6/4/2019*

Students with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations. The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is responsible for determining reasonable accommodations based on the individual’s current functional limitations. Only students who have been issued an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) by the OSD are eligible for accommodations. The Data Science OSD Liaison and faculty will work directly with the student to facilitate all exam accommodations for undergraduate courses offered by the Data Science department. 

Students seeking accommodations in any course offered by the Data Science department must follow the steps below. Students are responsible for registering promptly with the OSD. In order to ensure that accommodations are met, students MUST follow the procedures of both the OSD and the Data Science Department.

1. Students consult with an OSD Disability Specialist quarterly, as soon as course registration occurs, to obtain an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter for each course in which accommodations are needed. Beginning in Fall 2019, students may send the AFA letter electronically through the new online OSD student portal. 

2. Once an AFA letter is issued for a course offered by the Data Science Department, the student should present the AFA letter(s) to their respective course instructor(s) to discuss accommodations as soon as possible. If the AFA letter is sent electronically through the new OSD student portal, the student is still required to meet with respective course instructor(s) to discuss accommodations. 

3. To receive accommodations, students should meet with the Data Science OSD Liaison no later than week 2 of the quarter. If the AFA is issued after week 2, we request that the student brings/sends the AFA to the OSD Liaison within two business days.The student should visit the Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (Atkinson Hall, Room #2010– Second Floor) during their scheduled advising hours. To this meeting with the OSD liaison, the student should bring:

        • AFA letters for each Data Science Course they are enrolled in. If the letter has been sent electronically through the new OSD student portal, this is not required. 
        • A list of all exams in ALL Data Science Courses they are enrolled in. Include the scheduled date, time and location of each exam.
        • Resolutions, worked out between student and instructor(s), to time conflicts, (e.g. limit of one exam per day; overlapping exams).

If the course instructor has elected to coordinate a student’s accommodations, the student must still turn in a copy of their AFA letter(s), signed by the instructor(s), to the Data Science Department OSD Liaison. If the AFA has been sent electronically through the new OSD student portal, the student must still email dscstudent@ucsd.edu confirming that the instructor has elected to coordinate accommodations. 

The OSD Liaison will work with the course instructor to make arrangements for the student’s exams. Whenever possible, the exam will be scheduled for the same date and time as the original exam. Students will be notified via the Virtual Advising Center regarding when and where their exam will take place.


    • Students who have sent AFA letters through the new online OSD student portal must still meet with the OSD Liaison in person during advising hours to discuss the student’s accommodations and exam schedule. We request that students meet with the Data Science OSD Liaison no later than week 2 of the quarter, or within two business days of the letter being issued, if issued after week 2. This is to ensure the OSD Liaison has enough time to coordinate all exam accommodations. If you are unable to meet during advising hours, please email dscstudent@ucsd.edu to schedule an appointment outside of normal advising hours. 
    • An AFA for each Data Science course must be submitted or electronically sent to the Data Science OSD Liaison before any accommodations can be arranged. No accommodations will be retroactively applied.
    • If for any reason a student decides they do not want to use one or more of their accommodations, we ask that they notify the OSD Liaison as soon as possible before the exam.



Beginning in the Winter 2020 Quarter, students will have the option to utilize a new online OSD student portal, which will allow students to send an electronic copy of AFA letters to instructors. It is still the student’s responsibility to meet with you, the instructor, to review and discuss the AFA and their accommodations. However, students who have sent electronic copies through the new OSD student portal will not have a printed AFA and, therefore, will not require a signature. 


When a student enrolled in a Data Science course is issued an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter, an instructor can expect the student to meet with them to have their AFA signed. If an instructor would prefer to arrange a student’s exam accommodations, they should let the student know that. The student will also give a copy of their AFA to the Data Science OSD Liaison at Data Science Student Affairs.

Unless communicated otherwise, the OSD Liaison will make arrangements for the student’s exams, and then contact the instructor with the details. The accommodated exam may:

  • Be in a separate location from the classroom exam
  • Start at the same time as the classroom exam or a little later
  • End at the same time or later than the classroom exam
  • Include use of a laptop not connected to a network; additional instructions will be provided
  • Need to be rescheduled to a different day to avoid conflicts with the student’s other classes or exams
  • Stipulate other requirements as listed on the AFA

Please respond to the OSD Liaison and confirm that you agree to the student’s exam accommodations as soon as possible.

The OSD Liaison will also request that the instructor asks one of the course TAs to proctor the OSD student’s exam. When a student takes their exam separate from the class, they cannot ask the instructor clarification questions. Providing a course TA for an OSD student’s exam ensures that they are not at a disadvantage compared to their peers. In addition, if any announcements are made to the class during the exam, it is expected that the instructor would have no trouble contacting their course TA so that the OSD student hears the same announcement.

If sending a course TA to proctor an OSD student’s exam would leave an instructor short-handed where the rest of the class is testing, please contact the OSD Liaison. The Data Science Department is now participating in a pilot program through the Academic Integrity Office, through which we can request proctors through the Academic Integrity Office from a centralized, trained pool of undergraduates. For clarification, these students cannot proctor OSD exams but can help make-up for the absence of a course TA who is proctoring an OSD student exam. If you do not have TAs assigned to your course, let the OSD Liaison know right away so that other proctoring arrangements can be made.

To view the names of students enrolled in your course and their accommodations, visit the MyOSD tool online and log in.

Data Science OSD liaison: dscstudent@ucsd.edu