Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

The general campus procedure for choosing a minor is stated on the “How to Declare a Minor (Undergraduates)” page of TritonLink.

Unlike majoring in data science, which has screening criteria because the Department is capped, no screening is required to minor in data science. That said, it is strongly encouraged for interested students to meet with DSC Student Affairs to discuss their interest and ability to add the minor before submitting their application.

The data science minor is one of the largest minors offered at UC San Diego. While there is no screening criteria to apply for the minor, there is criteria for acceptance:

  • If you entered UC San Diego before Fall 2019, you must be able to complete all of your college, major, and new minor requirements within your maximum unit cap in order to be approved to add the data science minor.
  • If you entered UC San Diego after Fall 2019, you must be able to complete all of your college, major, and new minor requirements within your time to degree.
  • More information about these two policies can be found within the Undergraduate Degree Requirements section of the Academic Catalog.

Please be advised that the data science minor will require students to complete the same lower division DSC courses that data science majors are required to complete. Therefore, if you are new to computing/programming, it is strongly recommended that you complete DSC 10 before applying for our minor.

If you are able to add the minor, you will receive second enrollment priority in our restricted DSC courses. To reiterate, you do not receive enrollment priority in DSC 10. To enroll in a restricted DSC course (DSC 20-30-40A-40B-80, etc)  you must submit a request through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy). The Department approved requests from declared minors in the order the requests have been received.

You must meet with DSC Student Affairs to review your application before a decision will be made. Appointments are recommended in order to create a long term plan and set expectations. That said, multiple drop-in advising hour sessions will also suffice. Do not expect to receive approval on your application during one drop-in advising session. Drop-ins are only offered in 10-15 minute increments and that is not a sufficient amount of time to determine eligibility and to discuss expectations. Advising hours and instructions for requesting an appointment can be found on the Advising page of our HDSI website.

Ineligible students:

  • Given prerequisites and current course offerings, students are unable to complete all requirements within one academic year.
  • If you are unable to complete the minor, there are still many ways to become involved on campus through student organizations and opportunities offered through the Halicioglu Data Science Institute. DSC Student Affairs is committed to helping all interested students determine the most appropriate path for pursuing their interest in Data Science while attending UC San Diego. Please contact DSC Student Affairs through your Virtual Advising Center, or utilize a drop-in advising session, for more information and recommendations.
  1. Meet with DSC Student Affairs to discuss your interest and determine whether or not you are eligible to apply.
  2. If you are deemed eligible to apply, list every required course for the minor on your application through the Major/Minor Tool on TritonLink.
    1. Please be advised DSC 40A and DSC 40B are not listed as required courses, but they are prerequisites for required courses (DSC 40A is a prerequisite for DS 80; DSC 40B is a prerequisite for CSE 158 and upper division DSC courses). You must include these courses on your application but data science minors are allowed to complete DSC 40A and DSC 40AB as P/NP.
    2. The Department will allow “DSC XXX” listed on the application to meet the last upper division requirement, “Any Upper Division DSC Course.” As a newer department, we are continuously creating new DSC courses and want to support students with pursuing a DSC course that is most aligned with their goals, even if it is not created when a student submits their application.
    3. The Department will confirm that we received your minor application through your Virtual Advising Center. If you do not see that your application has changed to “pending” please resubmit your application. If your application has changed to “pending” but you have not received confirmation through your Virtual Advising Center, please follow up with DSC Student Affairs as soon as possible. 
  3. Return to meet with DSC Student Affairs to review your application. At this time, if the Department is unable to approve your application, you will explore alternative ways to pursue your interest. If the Department is able to approve your application, you will create a long term plan and review data science minor expectations. 

Please submit your application at least 24 hours before your appointment or drop in advising session, to allow time for the application to be processed. 

The Data Science Undergraduate Program underwent a curriculum revision that will be in effect for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. This update is scheduled to be published in the Academic Catalog on June 17, 2020. The update for the minor added additional options for meeting core upper division requirements. As a reminder, students can only overlap up to 8 upper division units between major and minor requirements. Please plan accordingly and contact DSC Student Affairs through the Virtual Advising Center with any questions or concerns. 

The following lower-division courses (36 units) are required.

  1. COGS 9, DSC 10, DSC 20, DSC 30, DSC 80, MATH 18, MATH 20A, MATH 20B, MATH 20C
  2. Please be advised: students should plan to complete DSC 40A and DSC 40B as pre-requisites to their required courses.

Students are required to take one course from each of the following five groups of upper-division courses (20 units).

  1. MATH 183 or MATH 181A or ECON 120A (4)
  2. MATH 189 Exploratory Data Analysis and Inference (4)
  3. CSE 158 or CSE 150A or CSE 151A or COGS 118A or COGS 118B (4)
  4. DSC 106 Data Visualization Laboratory (4) or COGS 108 Data Science Practice (4)
  5. Upper-division Data Science (DSC) course (4)

Data Science Minor Checklist (docx)

Frequently asked questions:

  • If students choose to take COGS 108, they can still take DSC 106 as their chosen upper-division Data Science course as a means to meet all minor upper-division requirements.
  • CSE 158 has new prerequisite options that include DSC 40B and DSC 80. Data Science minors are not required to complete CSE 100 and/or lower level CSE courses to meet prerequisites for CSE 158.
  • More information about prerequisites for data science minor requirements can be found here on our Data Science Minor Checklist (docx)

Additional questions or concerns? Reach out through the VAC!