Minor Requirements

Your minor application will not receive a decision until you meet with the Undergraduate Advisor. Please refer to the Advising page for available advising hours and instructions on how to request an appointment.

Approval is contingent upon your ability to complete your college requirements, major requirements, and minor requirements within your time to degree and maximum unit cap. Prior to your appointment, you must connect with your college advisor and major department in order to come prepared with this information when you meet with the Undergraduate Advisor.

Please be advised that students declared in a major within the Jacobs School of Engineering and/or declared within the Mathematics-Computer Science major are not allowed to declare a Data Science minor at this time

Minor Checklist (docx)

Data Science Minor Requirements

The following lower-division courses (36 units) are required.

  1. COGS 9, DSC 10, DSC 20, DSC 30, DSC 80, MATH 18, MATH 20A, MATH 20B, MATH 20C
  2. Please be advised: students must plan to complete DSC 40A and DSC 40B as pre-requisites to their required courses.

Students are required to take one course from each of the following five groups of upper-division courses for a total of 20 units.

  1. MATH 183 or CSE 103 or ECE 109 or MATH 181A (4)
  2. MATH 189 Exploratory Data Analysis and Inference (4)
  3. CSE 158 Data Mining (4)
  4. DSC 170L Data Visualization Laboratory (4) or COGS  108 (Data Science Practice) (4)
  5. Upper-division Data Science course (4)

If students choose to take COGS 108, they can still take DSC 170L as their chosen upper-division Data Science course as a means to meet all minor upper-division requirements.

When submitting your application, only list the required courses you have left to complete.

Once we receive your application, we will notify you through the VAC to confirm and invite you to schedule a return appointment to review your submission. Advising hours and instructions for requesting an appointment are available on the advising page.

Before meeting with the Undergraduate Advisor to review your submission, you must meet with both your college advisor and your major advisor.

Questions or concerns? Reach out through the VAC or to dscstudent@ucsd.edu!