Enrolling in Classes

Enrolling in Classes

Course Pre-Authorization Requests

DSC majors are able to directly enroll in major-restricted courses during their First or Second Pass. Students outside of the DSC major, including DSC minors, must submit a Course Pre-Authorization Request through the EASy System if they wish to enroll in a major-restricted course. We begin processing EASy requests from non-DSC majors 48 hours after the last group of students starts their Second Pass. Concurrent enrollment students will only be allowed to enroll in the course if seats are available at the end of Week 1. 

Please note will approve EASy requests for courses that have seats available OR courses that have a waitlist. This means that an EASy request approval does not guarantee seat availability. If a student’s request is approved, the student will have the option to enroll in the course or add themselves to the waitlist if seats are full. 

Note: Prerequisites are strictly enforced, but some students may have met the prerequisite through an approved alternate course (ex: DSC 190 A00 in place of CSE 158). In these cases, a pre-authorization request must be submitted to override the prerequisite restriction codes in WebReg.

DSC Course Enrollment Policy

We will begin reviewing eligible EASy requests from non-major students according to the timeline below.

Tentative WI22 Enrollment Timeline for DS25 Major-Restricted Courses:

Data Science Majors ONLYFirst and Second Pass
Non-Data Science Majors (Lower Division)EASy Request Review Will Begin Friday of Week 6 
Non-UC San Diego StudentsEASy Request Review Will Begin Monday of Week 7 

The DSC department has a strict No Late Add policy. DSC courses cannot be added after Week 2. Please plan accordingly.

Below is the list of offered courses and their enrollment information:

  • Non-major restricted course: Priority seating will be given to incoming Data Science Freshmen and Transfer Students.
  • Incoming Freshmen Students: 
    • Most seats in DSC 10 have been saved for incoming majors, meaning that they are not visible on WebReg or the Schedule of Classes. 
    • During the assigned enrollment period, students can place themselves on the waitlist for their preferred DSC 10 section.
    • Students should monitor their UCSD email for enrollment updates. Once students have waitlisted the course, they will receive an email within 1 business day that they have been cleared to enroll, provided that there are seats available. 
    • Once students receive an email that they’ve been cleared to enroll, students can drop themselves from the waitlist, re-search the course in WebReg, and choose to enroll.
  • Incoming Transfer Students:
    • Transfer Students MUST enroll in DSC 10 during their first quarter to be on track to graduate in 8 quarters. Failure to do so will result in a significant delay in graduation to 11 quarters.
    • Seats in DSC 10 have been saved with pre-authorization access for incoming Transfer Students. This means that incoming Transfer Students can directly enroll in DSC 10 even though it is listed as a “Waitlist Only” course. 
    • Incoming Transfer Students must enroll in DSC 10 before New Student Enrollment concludes. Other students on the waitlist will then be authorized to enroll in DSC 10 to fill any remaining seats.
  • Continuing Students:
    • Some seats will be available for continuing students to enroll in during the standard enrollment period. The majority of seats have been saved for incoming DSC majors. 
    • Between the end of New Student Enrollment and the first day of classes, any remaining seats in the course will be released to students on the waitlist. 
    • Please note that seat availability is not guaranteed, so it is recommended that students enroll in a backup course to ensure they have met the 12-unit minimum necessary for full-time status.
  • Major-restricted course
  • Majors: Directly enroll in the course during their First or Second Pass.
  • Non-Majors: Submit a Course Pre-Authorization Request through the EASy System. The DSC department will review EASy requests from non-majors in accordance with our enrollment timeline.