Course Offerings

Undergraduate Course Offerings:

If “Staff” is listed as the instructor, it means a lecturer will be hired. We do not release lecturer names until the hire is official. We will update this page frequently to include new hires.

Courses listed as “TBA if offered” are courses we hope to offer in the quarter listed, but are not guaranteed to be offered. Such course offerings are contingent upon finding an instructor for the course. 

*DSC 180A will be offered only in the Fall and DSC 180B will be offered only in the Winter. 

**Summer course offerings are tentative, as the course will only happen if there is sufficient enrollment in the course. If a summer course has low enrollment, the course is canceled per University policy.

Updated 12/20/2021

CourseTitleInstructorQuarter OfferedQuarter SortCourse Sort
DSC 10Principles of Data ScienceRampure, SurajWinter 2022510
DSC 20Programming and Basic Data Structures for Data ScienceLanglois, MarinaWinter 2022520
DSC 30Data Structures and Algorithms for Data ScienceLiao, SoohyunWinter 2022530
DSC 40ATheoretical Foundations of Data Science ITiefenbruck, JanineWinter 2022540.1
DSC 40BTheoretical Foundations of Data Science IIEldridge, JustinWinter 2022540.2
DSC 90Seminar in Data Science: History of Data ScienceRampure, SurajWinter 2022590
DSC 96Workshop in Data ScienceQuer, GiorgioWinter 2022596
DSC 100Introduction to Data ManagementStaffWinter 20225100
DSC 102Systems for Scalable AnalyticsKumar, ArunWinter 20225102
DSC 106Introduction to Data VisualizationLiao, SoohyunWinter 20225106
DSC 140AProbabilistic Modeling and Machine LearningBelkin, MikhailWinter 20225140.1
DSC 155Hidden Data in Random MatricesDumitriu, IoanaWinter 20225155
DSC 170Spatial Data Science and ApplicationsZaslavsky, IllyaWinter 20225170
DSC 180BData Science Project IIFraenkel, AaronWinter 20225180.2
DSC 190 A00Introduction to Data MiningShang, JingboWinter 20225190.1
DSC 190 B00Advanced AlgorithmsEldridge, JustinWinter 20225190.2
DSC 190 C00Hardening DSC with Soft SkillsSmarr, BenjaminWinter 20225190.3

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