Affirming Our Solidarity with Asian Colleagues

HDSI Stands Against Hate

Stop AAPI Hate, a group that tracks attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders reports over 3800 attacks on Asian Americans, mostly women, over the past year. These include the horrific killings in Georgia and deadly attacks on the elderly in San Diego, San Francisco, and Oakland.

This is horrible and unbecoming of us as a society, and as a nation. Photo of Rajesh Gupta HDSI UCSD Founding Director

Being isolated, marked, and targeted for hate-attacks based on one’s race is absolutely the worst thing that can happen to any individual. As an immigrant, my heart bleeds at the prospect of seeing a society that will literally threaten the lives of those who have spent an entire lifetime building this society, and endanger their children who have not known any other country as their home.

As we break for the weekend, I urge you to think about tangible actions we can take to show our appreciation and solidarity with fellow Asian Americans, and other communities targeted by those who wish harm to the very American ideal. The UC San Diego Chancellor’s message on “Standing with our Asian Community Members” listed campus resources for our students, staff and faculty including Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at (858) 534-5523.

In the end, words can only go so far. I invite you to share ideas for actions we can take in the coming weeks and months to make a welcoming society for those affected most.




Rajesh Gupta, Founding Director