Current Openings


Software Engineer for Smart Buildings and IoT Research

We are seeking a software engineer for software development in the general area for a wide adoption of Brick, an open source metadata schema used to represent buildings in a portable, scalable, and usable way. It is now being adopted by industry, in collaboration with various industrial partners such as Johnson Controls, Google, and the standards body ASHRAE. While Brick has received much attention recently, we have many things to be done for actual adoptions and we need your skills.

Your primary responsibilities include:

  • Designing and implementing various stacks for stable deployment of the schema. It may include schema verification tools and reasoning engines.
  • Designing and implementing smart applications with Brick for smart buildings and cities. The application domains are diverse including machine learning, control optimization, user interactions, etc. Several other researchers can cooperate for complicated applications.
  • Maintaining existing systems for Brick.
  • Attending general meetings to share the progress and participating in various seminars.

You may be also engaged in research activities such as writing proposals and papers.


  • Three years of software development experience in a related field
  • Extensive programming experience in Python or Go
  • Strong communication and project management skills
  • Background on general web frameworks (e.g. Flask) and the overall stack (e.g. web server and messaging protocols) required
  • Background on building information models and sensing technologies preferred
  • Experience with developing databases and ontologies (SQL, NoSQL, SPARQL) a strong plus

This is a temporary full-time position with a minimum duration of one year with an opportunity to extend the position.

Application Submission:

  • CV
  • Transcript
  • Cover letter
  • Two references
  • A one-page essay about your career objectives and research interests


Please contact Jason Koh for more information.