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Jeff ElmanPassing of Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science Jeffrey L. Elman

It is with great and wrenching sadness that we announce the passing of Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science Jeffrey L. Elman, who died suddenly on Thursday, June 28.


ThisWeek@UC San Diego: New Majors to Help Students Tackle Big Issues

Undergraduates offered hands-on training in data science, business psychology, sustainable development, the ocean and atmosphere

San Diego Union-Tribune: Why deciphering data is essential to modern living

Everything we do today, from credit card use to a visit to a doctor’s office, makes and uses data. Digital data has emerged as central to our daily lives, business and culture. Understanding data, who can use these data and how data are used is essential to modern living.

Graduate Diversity Fellowships in Computational and Data Science

Do you know of students who are studying data science or computing applications, and who are either women or members of an underrepresented group? Please forward this information to them or to their academic advisors – it could be worth $15,000 per year.

Highlighted Events

Open ML Hackathon

Deep Learning Competition: Image Classification

July 25, 2018 (5-9 p.m.)
Location: 5575 Morehouse Drive, San Diego, California

HDSI is proud to endorse Qualcomm's Machine Learning Competition taking place on July 25th! 

During the event, you'll learn how to build and deploy an image classifier in the real world. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your machine learning skills, where you will learn about ways to solve problems such as data generalization and augmentation. You'll also be able to team up with other students to build the best model and possibly win prizes.

Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar enough with Python to install libraries and run code. Participants should also have taken an online ML course or trained a model before.

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