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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is offering data science graduate students and advanced undergraduate students the opportunity to join the Data Science Summer Institute (DSSI)

The Data Science Summer Institute (DSSI) is a flexible internship program that runs for 12 weeks during the summer. During these 12 weeks, students will be paired with mentors working in the Data Science fields. Students will also be supported by DSSI to enhance their skills by attending short courses and seminars on topics relevant to data science, and gain hands-on experience through collaborative work on other data science problems relating to national importance. DSSI is open to both advanced undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a degree in a field related to the Data Sciences (machine learning, statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, etc). 

The two Summer 2019 sessions will be held from May 20, 2019 - Aug. 9, 2019 and June 17, 2019 -  Sept. 6, 2019.

HDSI Appoints Bradley Voytek to Faculty Fellowship

B. Voytek ArticleThe Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI) at UC San Diego has announced the appointment of Bradley Voytek, a Cognitive Science associate professor at UC San Diego with a strong following in science-related social media, as a Faculty Fellow of the pioneering institute.
Voytek works with students in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience and Data Science, and is a leader of the neuroscience graduate program as well as the HDSI undergraduate fellowship program. He assumes the HDSI post Nov. 1, 2018, to serve with Ilkay Altintas, Chief Data Science Officer at San Diego Supercomputer Center. Learn more.

Chief Data Science Officer Ilkay Altintas Named a HDSI Fellow

Ilkay Article

San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Chief Data Science Officer Ilkay Altintas has been named a Fellow of the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI) at the University of California San Diego for her role in the stewardship of HDSI cyberinfrastructure (CI) resources and services, effective with the fall 2018 term.
Altintas will be working with UC San Diego faculty, industry partners, and students at all levels in her leadership role at HDSI. Learn more.

Highlighted Events

Meet the Boss: Startups

Meet the Boss Information BannerNov. 28, 2018: The secret to startup success will be the topic Nov. 28 at the Meet the Boss: Startups event from 6-8 p.m. at The Loft. Alumni panelists: Taner Halıcıoğlu, a UC San Diego instructor and the force behind the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute; Julie Wartell, who teaches GIS in Urban Studies and works as an independent advisor on public safety issues; and Ping Yeh, who has led teams from startups to Fortune 100 corporations to produce products merging core intellectual property. Hosted by Student Alumni Associates. Free food and refreshments. Tickets limited.

Data across disciplines: 7th International Symposium on Data Assimilation (ISDA 2019)

Jan. 21–24, 2019: This event in Kobe, Japan, will focus on the cross-cutting issues shared in broad applications of data assimilation in disciplines from geoscience to physical and biological sciences.

ISDAThe symposium aims to enhance discussions among researchers from cross- disciplinary backgrounds. Examples under discussion include: non-Gaussian and nonlinear data assimilation problems; Big Data Assimilation (BDA); high-performance computation (HPC); Uncertainty Quantification (UQ); advanced intelligence (AI) and machine learning; multi- scale and multi-component treatments; observational issues; and mathematical problems.

Application deadline is slated for October 2018, with speaker confirmation and program availability in November. Registration deadline will be in December 2018. See ISDA website for updates and more information.